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We are pleased to announce the launch of our Primary Knowledge Curriculum Early Years Foundation Stage materials.


What is included?

Our 2021/2022 EYFS package offers the following:

  • One place on our EYFS training: From Little Acorns, Great Oaks Grow

  • Example Nursery Curriculum Map

  • Example Reception Curriculum Map

  • Detailed planning for six Nursery units of work focussed on Understanding the World (one per half term)

  • Detailed planning for six Reception units of work focussed on Understanding the World (one per half term)

What is included?

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Nursery - EYFS.png

Our PKC EYFS materials will take children on a journey from their local area to outer space, from the fascinating world of dinosaurs to the ancient stories of Greek Gods. Children will encounter interesting people such as George Stephenson, known for his steam train ‘The Rocket’ and Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space.


They will explore captivating places such The North Pole and Mount Everest. They will grow plants, study maps, look closely at fallen leaves, observe ice melting, design floating boats, and much more. Importantly, they will be learning and using new vocabulary in a wide range of contexts.


Children will learn more and remember more as they progress through their early years, enriching their play and their conversations with the powerful knowledge in our curriculum.

We have specified powerful knowledge content, vocabulary, supporting texts and ideas for continuous provision in an easy-to-use planning format.


The plans focus on content that will support children to meet the new (2021) Early Learning Goals for Understanding the World, additional ideas for other areas of learning are included.


The plans have been developed and reviewed by early adopters of the new Early Learning Goals.