We are pleased to announce the launch of our English materials.

Our PKC English materials will take children on a literary journey from high-quality picture books to classic texts such as Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, from the fascinating world of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to our own wonderful world.  

Linking with our content in PKC Geography, History and Science, our non-fiction English materials will offer children a chance to look deeper, mastering reading, writing and communicating in these important disciplines.


Children will study what it means to write academically in different subjects and how to communicate ideas effectively according to purpose and audience. Importantly, children will be using newly acquired vocabulary in a wide range of contexts, helping children to make connections with the wider curriculum and use and apply their knowledge.


Children will learn more and remember more as they progress through the PKC English materials, reading widely, writing with purpose and communicating the powerful knowledge in our curriculum.


What is included?

Our 2021/2022 English package offers the following:

  • One place on our ‘Dive into English’ CPD

  • Our PKC English Curriculum Map

  • Detailed planning for three English units per year group 1-6 (to be taught Autumn B, Spring B and Summer B)

  • PKC Reading List

What is included?